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What is the relation between Funko and TheFunkoPOP?

TheFunkoPOP is a creative Asian agency which is producing a large amount of Vinyl Toys with good rates. It is NOT selling official toys from Funko. We are helping buyers over the globe to get their favorite collectibles at good rates with similar quality.

How much does shipping cost?

We are offering Free Shipping on all international orders over 75 USD.

How are the products packaged?

Each of the individual products is securely packaged in bubble wrap and put into a box. The box is sealed well ensuring a safe delivery to your doorstep.

Do you'll deliver products outside the United Kingdom?

Yes, We do ship products outside the UK. Our site is accessible to all and we do take orders from around the world’s major countries.

How long will it take to receive my orders?

This all depends on the products demand and how much stock we have, therefore times vary.

Every package goes through a process in our warehouse, usually, that takes anywhere from 4-7 business days. All our items are first inspected and made sure they exceed the high quality we promise. We also make new prints and collaborate with different artists and this can affect your shipping times.

From there on, it takes around 14-20 business days after the process is complete for the products to be shipped internationally.

Please take into consideration the delivery dates given by the postal services because they are all estimates and not guarantees.

What is the benefit of buying from TheFunkoPOP?

Our philosophy is pretty simple: We want to offer the best possible deal for our customers for the products that we all want to buy. Our endeavor is to ensure that you get the widest possible choice of top rated brands and products at the best possible price with the best possible service and timely delivery of products at your doorstep.

Is it mandatory to register before placing an order?

You can place your order by just providing us with your email address and contact details. However, it is recommended that you register with us in order to receive timely offers and also to maintain your Wishlist and account & address details.

What shipping services do we use?

We use a couple of different shipping services.

They vary from EMS, DHL, USPS

These shipping companies pick up your orders from our warehouses after they have been processed and commence their journey to you!

Either UPS/DHL/EMS will then transfer the packages over to local shipping who takes over the packages and starts its delivery route within your neighborhood.

This could mean that when you are tracking your order it can show up as EMS/DHL on the website, however, the product will be delivered to your mailbox with the rest of your post as normal.

This also applies for international delivery, UPS/DHL/EMS will ship the product to your country/state and then the product will be transferred to the city’s public postal service for your package to be delivered to you.

Return and Exchange Policy

Due to this product is being specially prepared for an individual order, we cannot give you a refund. However, we can exchange your product for a different product, or give you a store credit.

What option do I have while making payment?

We accept payments by debit or credit card and also through PayPal.